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Alaskan Politics

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not political but important none the less Oct. 6th, 2005 @ 11:26 am
Got this in my email through Anchorage Baptist Temple and thought I'd pass it on:

Redeem your FREE tire changeovers through Johnson's Tire Service ASAP.

Vouchers are available through the First Sergeant, or at the Chapel Center, located at 10427 Cutter on Elmendorf AFB. This offer is open to dependants of those service members deployed overseas who are associated with Elmendorf AFB, or Fort Richardson, including reservists. Deadline is Oct 9.
Call the Chapel Center at 552-4422 for more information.

This community is quiet.... May. 20th, 2005 @ 01:43 pm
So, what are your thoughts on the "special session"? Do you think anyone is at fault here? Everyone at fault? Whats the deal?

Apr. 4th, 2005 @ 12:57 am
[04 Apr 2005|12:54am]
Just thought some of you might be interested if you're in the Juneau area, Lt. Governor Loren Leman will be giving a short talk (20-30 minutes) on the Future of Alaska followed by an opportunity for open audience questions (10-15 minutes). This event is being held at the University of Alaska Southeast and the public is welcome.

April 5, 2005
University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau
7pm in the Glacier Room (Upstairs in Egan)

One of the on campus clubs is sponsering the event.

Alaska part of Canada? Nov. 18th, 2004 @ 02:34 am
Do you all think that Alaska can and/or should become part of Canada as a province?

Just asking this question since Alaska borders Canada exclusively (Yukon Territory and British Columbia to be exact) and is separated so far away from the contiguous 48.
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A little background on Alaska, for those who may be from here.... Nov. 16th, 2004 @ 11:34 pm
For those of you who don't know I live in Alaska. (I know that most of you live here as well, but it needs to be said from time to time) It is the largest state in the union and almost without contest the most dicked over state in the union. The only other state that could give us a run for our money on "F-U factor" from the other 49 would be Hawaii.
In the news right now is a controversial issue called ANWR. Well, ok, ANWR isn't controversial, well, yes it is, but what I am speaking about is drilling for oil in ANWR. That is the controversy of which I am speaking, not the controversy of how ANWR came to be. Well, that is not entirely true either. Let me start with some simple facts for you. I like pictures.

As you can see, Alaska is big. Gee whiz, what do we do with all that land you ask? What a mighty good question. Let's start by seeing who owns Alaska.

In all of Alaska there is 375,000,000 acres. Of that:
State owned     106,000,000      28%
Privately owned         1,000,000        0.3%
Owned by the Native Corporation         46,000,000       12%
Owned by the Federal Government         215,000,000      60%

As you can see, the lions share of Alaska is owned by Uncle Sam. The tiny-weeney 0.3% is all there is of Alaska for us Alaskan's to develop. But wait, it gets better. Let's compare this land to some well known land in the lower 48:

Total of all land in California 100,000,000    
Total of all land in Texas      176,000,000
King Ranch in Texas is over     1,000,000
State Parks in Alaska   3,500,000      
Federal Parks in Alaska 105,000,000    

King Ranch in Texas is larger than all of the privately owned land in the entire state of Alaska. Do you think this might hamper our economy a little bit? You can bet your sweet hiney it does.

But here comes the kickerS:
Alaska cannot refine its own crude oil. It must be sent to the lower 48 on a US FLAG SHIP to either be refined. Alaska only recently won the right to ship its own to foreign states. Prior to this, ALL Alaskan oil had to go to the lower 48 on a US FLAG SHIP before it could be refined or sold to a foreign state.

Much of Alaska is considered by Federal Law to be under the designation of wetlands. Never mind the fact that this wet land is frozen. In order for Alaska to utilize any of this land, it must, under the zero net loss law, recover an equal number of acres it uses. The only way this is possible is to convince a state in the lower 48 to recover some of their wetlands so we can use some of our frozen wetlands. BOHICA.

Alaska cannot import commodities on a NON-US FLAG SHIP. Yeppers, all commodities from foreign countries must sail past Alaska, dock in the lower 48, be transferred to a US FLAG SHIP, and then shipped back up to Alaska. You think this little kicker doesn't hurt our economy?

This is just a primer of how the lower 48 for decades has been kicking Alaska in the teeth, stealing our resources, and depriving Alaskans of the full status as an equal state in the United States of America.

For those of you who think that the lower 48 has the right to tell Alaska not to drill for oil in ANWR, you are technically right...for the moment. But as you can see, we are not particularly keen on being told what we can and cannot do in our own state. If you do not live here, then go look at the environmental cesspool that is your own neck of the woods and leave us alone. Quit stealing our resources for your state's benefit. Our oil, coal, copper, and lumber have given the lower 48 untold wealth and jobs over the years. All we ask is that we be able to keep some of that wealth here where it belongs.
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