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Alaskan Politics

All And Only Politics Relating To Alaska

All Politics In Alaska
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This is a community dedicated to Alaskan politics. Whether local issues or statewide, this is the forum. If the issues do not apply to Alaska, then please take them elsewhere. There are plenty of communities for National politics. Exceptions to this are federal bills that will directly affect Alaska (i.e. opening ANWR for drilling)

All debates will be handled respectfully and flames will not be tolerated. This is to be a community for expressing viewpoints on many issues in a mature manner.

Topics are not chosen by the moderator but are solely up to the members.

No campaigning in this community. We can discuss candidates, but this will not be a "VOTE FOR JOHN DOE" or "VOTE MY PARTY" community at election time.

The links on this community will link you to the major political parties in Alaska if you wish to know more about them or if you are interested in joining them.

Above all else, this community is to encourage political activism in all the many colorful facets that it encompasses. I encourage involvement, discussion, defending, and criticisms of all things political in Alaska.


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